Welcome to The Old City!

If you missed out on the Hot Chalk-A-Lot event we had back in Feburary we would encourage you to watch the 2 videos below to get a taste of what happened and to be blessed by the teaching segment.

As a quick summery we had over 50 attendies representing 14 different Christian churches form throughout the Longmont area. We had an awesome time of equipping parents with some very applicable teaching and tools for engaging their children in lives of prayer and then gave them time to imediatly start implementing what they learned.

It was a great time and the Holy Spirit was all over it, God was worshiped and we all (induding ourselves) walked away forever changed!

A huge thanks to the dozens of belivers from throughout Longmont who helped to put this on, to New Creation Church for letting us use the Burn Building, to La Vita Bella for the wonderful Hot Chocolate and to God for the awesome idea and for making it happen. We really could not have done it without God and his children.